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Version of shelving uses the tetris shapes to create sustainable, modular shelving for home or office. The of amber bamboo will for work or living space with tones playful style.
Shelf Clarington Solid wood. glass shelves. Hand applied finishing technique. Gray wood finishes. Textured gray pattern
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Shelf Barnes Shelves are from old fishing skiffs. skiffs would set sail before dawn to arrive back at port later that
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Flat Shelf Backing Tetrad The flat is modular shelving unit of tetris shaped blocks with wooden sides colored metal backings. Blocks
Console Table Hollow The console uses playful cutouts the potential interiors in piece, creating s for the home. Designed

Balloon Chair Bonnet Stunning, balloon chair is piece. The curved back cradles you the ivory leather keeps the airy. Ivory

Block Chest Quad Touch latches. adjustable shelf behind pair of doors. grommets in the back to allow access to component
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