Jennifer Taylor White Tufted Right Sectional Sofa

Sofas > Jennifer Taylor furniture White Tufted Right Sectional Sofa Functional living room space.
White Tufted Right Sectional Sofa Sofas
White Tufted Right Sectional Sofa Jennifer Taylor Sofas Y home deserves nothing but best by home brings class style to living space to add bit transitional flair. right facing is upholstered high fabric hand tufting along back arms. wooden frames kiln dried birch wood support stability. Features birchwood, hardwood that doesnt molt or discolor over time, makes it for making. All exposed hardware has zinc woven polyester wrapped flame retardant foam for medium firm feel mastertotally craftsmen women pattern fabric velvet or linen navy blue, white capacity dry or spot only some fitting components required in. in. in. in. in. in. Chaise in. in. in. Arm. in. Leg in. Due to in monitors browsers, colors may appear on monitors. From it is not potential to guarantee online colors will look same on all computers. Color white.

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